Whimsical Landscapes

The colorful landscapes of this series originated in the foothills of the Trinity Mountains in Northern California and feature a patchwork aesthetic to create exuberant, optimistic scenes of our beautiful world. These paintings celebrate the innocent vitality of the pastoral landscape with highly patterned trees, stone walls, simplified triangular mountains and bright stripes of crops growing in the fields. In each painting, brightly-colored forms cover the board in a playful manner—each field boldly-shaped in its own color, like a quilt. The many layers of texture and color work invite you to pause and dwell for a moment in the rich complexity of life. The scenes portray a friendly world of abundance, happiness and beauty. Horses and cows frolic and graze under bold blue skies. Night-time scenes include starry skies and a world in peaceful slumber.

These paintings extend the Fauvist idea of conveying emotional passion of the physical world through bold use of complex color that is joyfully unhinged from literal notions of reality.

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