Imaginary Portraits

Imaginary Portraits is a series of mythological portraits of women entwined with lush plants and wild animals. The sentient world of these paintings is inspired by the mysteries of the Anima Mundi—or soul of the world. A strong ecological message is encoded in the symbols, many borrowed from ancient Egyptian artwork. Bears, lions, leopards, owls, crows, and horses are messengers and protectors. Trees, ferns, vines, and luscious flowers possess a sparkling intelligence and perception. These paintings illustrate an ancient ecological wisdom and celebrate such archetypal themes as fertility, regeneration and healing.

To retain the look of folk art, these paintings are created with acrylic paint on birch board and include the use of metallic leaf, oil pastels, carved iconography, twine and handmade paper fibers.

My work expands the notion of heroism to include stories of nurturing, conserving, and sustaining—all ecological imperatives—infusing these acts with nobility.

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