Daily Life

These colorful paintings portray the goodness of the earth and beauty of our world. This series of paintings features people working at simple daily tasks painted in a folk art style that hearkens back to a simpler time. The scenes from the Daily Life series present people in unguarded moments, working at the kind of daily tasks that we all do: laundering our clothes, preparing a meal, tending a garden. My paintings present visions of this work that suggest there is more value and pleasure to be gained by mindfully attending the sensual details of the scene—a scene which I imbue with qualities of a liminal space, a dreamy, mythological realm. It is through these acts that we are connected to the vast generations of people who have come before us. In the dreamworlds of my paintings, the mythological significance of simple tasks and the people who perform them are revealed and celebrated.

I approach my subjects with tenderness and open-hearted curiosity. I paint the scenes of their lives with glowing color to evoke the joyous nobility of simple acts and celebrate the dignity of honest work and quiet, reflective moments throughout the day.

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