Early One Morning

In the summer of 2021 I was having a good time making rubbings of the texture of the ground on some old painter’s drop cloths I found balled up in a corner of our garage. The rubbings yielded a highly patterned black on white image that I could look at for hours. I decided to add some color in an abstract way, just choosing a color I liked for no particular reason and then putting a different color next to it for the pure joy of seeing the two colors resonate. That is how I painted this entire series of tapestries—just choosing colors for the joy of seeing them together. This tapestry is called Early One Morning and you can see (below) how it evolved to its final form, finally sewn onto a black canvas backing, with strips of hand-painted black and white chevrons sewn on to give it a sense of framing.

Early One Morning taking shape

Early One Morning further along

Early One Morning finished work